$997.99 Free Shipping Samsung Electronics 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model)

This is the first TV I’ve purchased in six years, which is an eternity in tech time, so I wanted to make sure I thoroughly researched the latest specs to get the most value. I used to own a plasma TV because I mainly watched sports. Now, like other viewers, Netflix and Hulu occupy the majority of how I watch TV. That being said, I wanted to make sure the SmartTV capabilities were on par with the former devices I used, such as AppleTV and Chromecast.

From the initial powering on, the quality of the display was drastically noticeable. It was like I had professionals configure the contrast and all that to the picture, yet, it was that crisp right out of

the box. The upgrade in display alone to Samsung’s QLED 4K HDR was worth the investment. I read a lot

of reviews and information prior to purchasing about pixel quality, and the quantum colors are very evident when it’s right in front of you. The brightness and vivid quality in the Q6F was everything I was hoping for on my wall….definitely exceeded expectations.

One thing I feared was how remote controls have changed. For a while, they were looking like you needed a computer science degree to figure out how to use them. The Samsung smart remote calmed those fears right away. It’s the easiest, most intuitive, remote control I’ve owned.

The convenience of having the smart hub can not go understated. No more having to cast my Netflix and Hulu apps to the TV, which would result in wait times, or in some circumstances, difficulty in connecting. Having the smart hub right in the center of the display to choose how and what I want to watch is a real game changer for me. I no longer have to rely on my phone or tablet, I can literally control all my entertainment from one remote.

The ease of use makes this TV great for anyone, this is exactly what my technically challenged parents need. Take that, combined with the QLED display quality, and my viewing experience has emphatically improved, especially with sports. Samsung’s Q6F checked all the boxes from the specs standpoint and passes the eye test with flying quantum colors (pun intended). I’m very pleased with my purchase!